Gold-plated kavacham formally set on Sri Venkatesa Perumal at Mandaveli temple

Sri Venkatesa Perumal of the temple on Mari Chetty Street, Mandaveli was taken out in a procession around the four big streets around Mandaveli last Sunday (Feb. 20) evening, displaying the new gold-plated kavacham.

This kavacham has been made through donations from devotees.

In the first half of the day, rituals including homamthirumanjanam and recital of the sacred verses leading to the presentation of the new kavacham was performed.

Vasudeva Bhattar at the temple said that some 100 devotees volunteered on Saturday, sitting around the prakara and grinding  two kilos of sandalwood for the sacred sandal paste anointment.

With the new gold kavacham donated for the lord, there will now be an annual jeshtabhisekam at the temple wherein the kavachams will be cleaned on a particular day every year and the lord will adorn the kavachams once again after the rituals.

  • Report, photo: S. Prabhu

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