Officers of Sri Kapali Temple seal Mylapore Club: more properties to be sealed

This Monday morning, D Kaveri, executive officer of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple arrived at The Mylapore Club, Luz and sealed the premises.

Kaveri said that as per the High Court order of 2016 of judge Mahadevan, the temple has been directed to collect rent from the tenants as per the market value and that she was only following the orders of the court.

“While there is a total due of Rs. 4.7crores as per the guideline value calculated from 2016, the club has recently paid Rs.1crore. We now await payment of the balance of the dues from the Club.”

She also told Mylapore Times that in the coming days the temple authorities will be sealing more buildings in the Mylapore zone from whom there are big arrears.

“There is clear instruction to us from our department to collect dues as per the market value and we will be aggressive in collection of dues from all the tenants of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple,” she said.

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