Women trained as drivers are open for employment: project of former Mylapore MLA

Driving licenses approved and issued by RTO were recently handed over to a small group of women who were trained in driving under a project initiated by the former Mylapore MLA, R. Nataraj.

Nataraj says that the purpose of this welfare measure is to ensure these young women get gainful employment.

“They are ready to work as drivers,” he said. “Already three have been placed as drivers. I have approached nationalised banks to provide loans so that some women can purchase second-hand, good cars and can be part of Ola or Uber services too.”

Nataraj says that this is an ongoing project and women will be trained every now and then in driving.

Mylaporeans who want the driving services of these women can contact Nataraj’s office assistant, Satish on  7358-418871. He will connect you to the woman driver who wishes to apply for the job.

This is joint initiative of Dhanvidya Dheeraj Vora Trust, Single Teacher School Trust and Ramakamalam Trust ( which is managed by Nataraj’s family).

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