Panguni fest: preparations roll at Sri Kapali Temple

Workers are busy bees inside Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple – they have to keep deadlines to put the infrastructure in place for the annual Panguni festival of the temple which starts next week.

Once the temporary roofs are put in place, the decorative parts will be fixed and as this happens, all the vahanams will be brought out to be touched up or cleaned. Also, all the accessories required for the grand event will be kept ready.
The festival gets going on March 8; towards noon, a team from Sri Kapali Temple will head to Sri Kolavizhi Amman Temple, participate in the rituals that signal the blessings for the conduct of the festival. 
Later that night, the first of the processions, including lord Vinayaka in it will take place and since no regulations have been imposed, these processions will be taken around the mada streets.
The next morning, March 9, is the flag hoisting ritual.
These are the dates, timings of some key events of the festival –
– Adhikara Nandi procession – March 11, after 6 a.m.
– Rishabha vahana procession is on March 13 ( Sunday):  will start after  9.45 p.m.
– The chariot festival ( ther ) is on March 15: it will start just after 7.30 a. m. 
– Arbathumoovar procession – March 16, 3 p.m. onwards
– Thiru Kalyanam utsavam will take place at 7 p.m. on March 18.
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