A kitchen garden at a Chennai School: Sundaram Finance initiative to mark World Earth Day

On the occasion of World Earth Day, Sundaram Finance initiated an event at Corporation Higher Secondary School on Veera Perumal Street in Mylapore.

This was ‘an education session on the importance of caring for the earth and protecting the environment’.

50 students were guided through the process of setting up a ‘Kitchen Garden’ at this event held last weekend. The children planted a number of vegetable and fruit saplings inside the school campus. In course of time, the produce from these is expected to be utilised at the school’s noon meal centre.

Illustrating the example of how small saplings in the years gone by had now grown into big trees inside the school providing shade to the students, the organisers encouraged the students to plant as many saplings as possible.

They were also asked to take this simple concept of Kitchen Garden back to their homes.

There was also a demo to the students on the theme ‘Save the Soil – Composting’ by a few students of IIT Madras.

Last month, Sundaram Finance had organised a plant sapling initiative at Nageswara Rao Park in Luz on the occasion of World Forestry Day.

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