Madhava Perumal provides Garuda sevai darshan at temple brahmotsavam

The drum beats, nagaswaram recital and the sacred verses of Pey Azhavaar resounded around Sri Madhava Perumal Temple on the third morning of the ongoing Chitrai Brahmotsavam  on Tuesday (April 26).

It was the big day at the Brahmotsavam with Madhava Perumal providing a three hour Garuda sevai darshan led by Mylapore’s Pey Azhvaar on a Hamsa Vahanam.

Most people present could not take their eyes away from Garuda seen in a bright green silk vastram. Devotees thronged the Mundakanni Amman Koil Street, Nattu Subbarayan Street and Madhava Perumal Sannidhi Street welcoming the Lord on this special morning.

While the Prabhandham members led Madhava Perumal presenting 100 sacred verses of Pey Azhvaar, young students chanting the Vedas followed the Lord on the procession.

The devotional excitement was palpable among the residents as they were treated to the Garuda sevai darshan for the first time since 2019.  People presented beautiful vastrams, flowers and coconuts to the Lord throughout the procession.

It was past 9.30am when Pey Azhvaar and Madhava Perumal listened to the final two verses of Pey Azhvaar and the Vedic recital following which he returned to the temple via the eastern raja gopuram.

  • Report, photos by S. Prabhu
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