‘Missing’ idol case: HR&CE Dept. appoints retd. judge to probe the case

The case of the ‘missing’ idol of the mayil in a sannidhi inside Sri Kapali Temple, Mylapore has taken yet another turn now.

The HR&CE Department has told judges on the Bench of the Madras High Court hearing this case that it has, on Tuesday appointed a retired judge, K. Venkataraman to head a fact-finding team to probe the case and file a report.

This report will be submitted in 6 weeks.

The two judges on the Bench hearing this case said that they will await this report and then decide on what needs to be done at the sannidhi.

The petitioner in this case, R. Narasimhan of Srirangam has stated that the original idol in the sannidhi was a mayil holding flowers in its beak and that it was removed and replaced with a mayil that holds a snake in its beak.

Meanwhile, the state’s Idol Wing Police had dug up areas around the sannithi (refer photo featured here) and probed in the the temple tank in its bid to search for the ‘missing’ idol.

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