‘Missing’ peacock idol case; search on now at temple tank

The search for the ‘missing’ peacock image once set inside a sannithi at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple has resumed, for yet another time.

Fire servicemen and police were seen working at the temple’s tank this Tuesday morning ( May 17). They sailed across the waters in the tank and used an instrument that is said to detect heavy objects in the tank’s bed.

There were no sign of divers here.

In this long drawn case, in which a petitioner has stated that the idol kept in the Punnai Vananathar sannidhi at the Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple was removed at some point in the past and a new one installed there. The court had asked the state agencies to complete their investigations quickly.

The probe in the tank follows a mention in court submissions that the idol may have been dumped in the tank.

You can read a background on the ‘missing peacock idol case here.

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