‘Matha Vilasa Prahasanam’, Sanskrit play now presented in Tamil. At MFAC, Aug.12. Open to all.

“Matha Vilasa Prahasanam” a Sanskrit play now available in Tamil. It is believed to have been written by Pallava King Mahendravarman in 7th century AD.

Chennai Kalai Kuzhu is now presenting this play in Tamil. The dramatisation and direction is by Pralayan. The play is on 12th August, Friday 6pm. at Mylapore Fine Arts Club, Musiri Subramanyam Road, Mylapore.

A brief on the play –
Sathyasoma who is a Kabalika and his female companion Devasoma, Nagasena, a Buddhist monk, Babru Kalpa, a Pasupatha Saivaite and a mentally challenged person are the main characters in this play.
This play traces out the social history of our past and empowers the consciousness of our modern life.
It is a derivative work which is based on Michael Lockwood and A. Vishnu Bhat’s English translation of this Sanskrit play and the renowned Tami Scholar Mayilai Seeni Venkadasaamy’s Tamil translation.

TN Eyal Isai Nataka Manram is presenting this play ; open to all.

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