8 Tips to create a smart Kolu; tips from Mylapore Trio. What your own tips?

Now that the Navaratri season is going to be with us in days and many families will prepare to create their best kolu, here are some tips to make the kolu look great.

These are tips from Surendranath, Amarnath and Aparna, the Mylapore Trio who are known for setting up 2/3 room-full kolus.

1. Light colour plain or buttaa silk sarees can be draped on kolu steps. But it must not affect the beauty of the bolls.

2. Certain pallu designs like chakra or big flower patterns – from old sarees – may be utilised as vidhanam for the kolu.

3. Old Pattu saree and veshti with double-side border may be used as borders for kolu padi. It gives a grand and rich look.

4. Always try to adapt red,  green and yellow as much as possible which will always give a traditional and auspicious feel.

5. Traditional korai paai may be used as backdrops and side-drops. Will be creative / innovative with natural touch.

6. For thematic kolus: background scenes / pictures may add value – use visuals from old Calendars, posters, etc.

7. For water effect use blue paper for creating the kulam / pond / well etc. and surgical cotton for snowy / cloud effects.

8. To highlight certain prominent dolls, create stands and place them there. Waste materials, boxes of various sizes will be of use for making the stands.

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