Art exhibition by children, for children. At Sprouts Montessori 

If you had stepped into the vibrant new high school campus of Sprouts Montessori near Nagaeswara Rao Park recently, you would have walked into an art exhibition with a difference.

The young minds of Lower Elementary put on their seller hats and sold art creations that they had crafted. The tables were filled with items bookmarks, coasters, showpieces and terracotta jewellery and it was a treat to see children participating in the sale titled Indian and Recycled Art Forms.

This  exercise, supported by founder director Smita Vishweshwar, is a part of the academic curriculum where the children are given an exposure to various traditional fine art forms by parent volunteers and professionals in this field.

The Lower Elementary teachers take it forward by guiding the children do the art during school hours. This term, one parent spoke about art forms— Bhil, Gond, Terracotta, Tanjore, Madhubani and Lippan.

Shivani Bhaiya, principal, says that when art meets learning, the children’s creativity is explored. She adds, “The entire team of Lower Elementary wanted these beautiful art creations to reach others too and this resulted in having a sale.”

  • Report: Deepa Venkatraman. Photo: Sprouts

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