Mylapore MLA’s 10-point wish list to chief minister

Chief minister M. K. Stalin sought a list of works from each ruling party MLA that was priority in their constituency and needed support from government agencies.

Here is the wish list of Mylapore’s MLA, Dha Velu.

  • Set up a bus terminus in Mylapore
  • Build a fish sales market by the seaside and fish exhibition space
  • Elevated walkway from MGR Janaki College side to Durgabhai Deshmukh Hospital side
  • Develop multi-sports facility at temple owned grounds alongside P. S. School
  • Develop space/s under / alongside MRTS station to have cattle care sheds
  • Run TNPSC coaching classes in some colonies for economically poor youths
  • Develop a temple circuit of all 30 Mylapore temples
  • Hasten building housing blocks alongside Marina
  • Redevelop housing in Ambedkar bridge zone ( near CitiCentre )
  • Develop an indoor stadium in GCC ground near Sri Mundagakanni Amman Temple

One Comment on “Mylapore MLA’s 10-point wish list to chief minister”

  1. i think the most important wish should be to have clean roads, ensure cattle does not roam freely in the road and the vegetable vendors really keep the south mada street clean. does not cost much to do any of this.

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