Chennai Metro; new traffic diversion starts today at south end of R. K. Mutt Road

Chennjai Traffic Police have introduced a new traffic movement plan on R K Mutt Road ( south end) – Greenways Road zone in connection with Chennai Metro work.

This has come into effect from Monday morning.

This is the new plan in place.

  • Motorists from the Mylapore/Mandaveli side heading towards Adyar have to take the left turn at MTC bus treminus junction into South Canal Bank Road, join Dr DGS Dinakaran Road and head towards the Greenways Road – Jesus Calls campus zone
  • Residents of the areas between the bus terminus and KVB Gardens – TP Scheme/KVB Gardens stretch are allowed into the ‘No Entry’ zone.
  • Traffic from interior streets, off R K Mutt Road south side cannot turn into the main road, to head southwards.
  • Vehicles from the Adyar bridge side headed to Mylapore must now turn right at the junction at Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital campus – those wanting to head to Mandaveli or Mylapore then take the left alongside the previous GCC playground and now Chennai Metro work site joining R K Mutt Road. Motorists headed to Pattinapakkam and San Thome, join the traffic stream alongside Tholkappia Poonga.

A traffic diversion recently tried out in this zone was a ‘failure’ according to Traffic Police; more because huge volumes of vehicles were forced to take the crowded section of Kamaraj Salai in R A Puram and many, took short cuts into narrow side lanes in this zone and created chaos for local residents.

It is not known if the current diversion is for a short period or covers a time frame when Metro work will be executed here.

The playground zone is the site for Greenways Road Metro station, from where the line that is to pass through Luz and Mandaveli, heads south towards Adyar, towards Siruseri.

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