The 164th anniversary event of this church in San Thome was low-profile

There were no grand decorations or music or procession for this milestone but the community was here in large numbers to celebrate the 164th anniversary of CSI Saint Thomas Tamil Church located in San Thome.

The event was  on Sunday, Oct. 23. This church was built by the Britishers in the year 1858.

The event was organised by pastor  Rev  D. Paul William and the pastorate committee comprising of secretary Jebaraj Koilpillai, treasurer Samuel Swamikkan and 10 committee members.

Pastor  Rev. Paul William said that the celebration this year was kept simple. The event began at 7.30 a.m with a special service. The message was delivered by pastor Rev. E. W. Christopher. After the service, there was a meeting of the youth followed by a sumptuous fellowship lunch. Mutton biryani and a sweet was served to all the church members.
Secretary Jebaraj Koilpillai said that earlier, free marriages of poor couples from a few villages the church serves were conducted in the church during the anniversary celebrations. This year, the community has decided to construct a church in a village named Kanathur.
– Juliana Sridhar