Civic activist does a good turn; gets traps at SWDs cleared. Asks Mylaporeans to inspect their streets to prepare for monsoon

If you want to ensure that your street or your doorways do not flood after a steady rain this monsoon, there is one little act that you as a civic minded citizen may want to do.

Take a look at the condition of the drains alongside pavements, the waste traps that let water flow into the drain but holds back plastic and vegetable waste, the inlets that allow rainwater to flow easily into the drains.

Here is what community activist C R Balaji did the other day. Walking down Luz Church Road at break of dawn, he noticed food and packing waste atop the traps to the SWDs ( drains) alongside Sri Navashakti Vinayaka Temple in Luz.

He spotted Urbaser Sumeet civic workers at their jobs, called one woman and requested her to clear the waste so rainwater could flow into the drain freely.

Balaji says he hopes Mylaporeans inspect the civic condition of their street, report it to local civic workers, coax them to set things right.

Photo: C R Balaji