Sunday meet-ups to chat about local issues. The R. K. Nagar experience.

Community activists in R K Nagar in R A Puram have a cool way of meeting up and discussing local issues.

Every Sunday, at 8 a.m. a street-side meet-up starts, no matter how many are around or who are there – at a street-side which is green and neat.

One recent Sunday, the R K Nagara group discussed ways to increase the green cover in the area. The group has focussed on greening a patch on 2nd Main Road; it  says it has roped in the local area councillor to get this done well.

The group also reviewed the method of clearance of small amounts of construction materials that people dump at street corners when repairs are undertaken at their homes; it wants to appreciate GCC team led by Thiagu which has now made it a point to do the rounds of the area and clear such waste.

However, activists say that when a large amount of such waste is dumped in public, GCC can slap a fine but that there are formal ways to get this taken away via GCC staff.

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