Marina colony residents protest delay in allotment of new flats

Residents in colonies off the Marina staged a protest off the Loop Road this morning, asking the YN Urban Habitat Board to release a set of newly-built apartments in Dooming kuppam zone to the beneficiaries.

They said that the Board is not making the allotment although the flats were ready some months ago and that they are not being told why this delay is taking place.

Police were seen at the protest site talking to the protestors and restraining them. The sit-in took place in the colony’s open space.

One leader says that they also do not want the Board to allot the flats to families who used to reside in other parts of the city. They say they fear tensions could occur.

The Board has been building housing blocks here for some time. Dooming kuppam is said to present the largest number of beneficiaries and since houses have also been promised to squatters in that kuppam, there is a need for extra housing and the Board wants to build blocks or 8/9 storeys to accommodate the demand.

But many local people are not in favour of tall blocks, fearing access will be affected.


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