Monsoon: Use sticks to clear floodwater? The Sivaswami Salai case.

All you need are some sturdy sticks or poles to clear a flooded road. This is the story one learns from talking to people who work off the east end of P S Sivaswami Salai.

This is a road that floods all the time. It also sinks in sections due to shoddy civic work. And it keeps getting dug up, off and on. Just now, TANGEDCO work in one section has left a Martian surface that bikes and cars negotiate.

The rains this week led to flooding, mainly the sector between the round tana outside Ramakrishna Mission Students Home and R. H. Road. Water runs into and stagnates in this section of the road because the area west of it is at a higher plane.

On Wednesday, the road was dry, save for large potholes with pools of water.  People here said that they and some civic workers poked deep two outlets that lead to the drain system and the water drained out.

They say the drain is not been properly connected to the section on the Sanskrit College side and hence, water stagnates and floods the area.

Mylapore MLA Dha Velu was seen inspecting this area that noon.

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  1. During his tenure as MLA Mylapore constituency Mr R. Natraj had worked tirelessly to ensure flood waters around the Mylapore tank and Chitrakulam tank were repaired and rain water flowed into the two tanks. He was an efficient MLA and took care of his constituency properly..

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