2023 edition of Mylapore Festival offers four Walking Tours

Four Walking Tours are planned for the Sundaram Finance – Mylapore Festival of 2023.

One compact tour is solely for children. Where they get to listen to stories and indulge in drawing on the spot.

This is the schedule –

  Saturday, Jan 7, 4pm; Food Walk. Start point – Indian Bank gate, N. Mada St.; focus on new snacks joints. Led by Sridhar Venkataraman. Free. Pay for what you eat! 60mins.

– Saturday, Jan.7, 4 pm – Children Explore Temples – Led by Pradeep Chakravarthy. Inside Sri Kapali Temple. Report at Navaratri mantap. Kids must bring writing pad, paper sheets and colour pencils. Free. No Regn. 60mins

– Sunday, Jan.8 / 7 am – Three Temples of Mylapore. Led by Dr. Chithra Madhavan. Start point – space opp. east gopuram of Sri Kapali Temple. Walk covers Sri Kapali Temple, Sri Adi Kesava Perumal Temple and Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. 90 mins. Free. No regn. needed.

– Sunday, Jan.8 / 7.30 am – Mylapore’s Classic Old Houses. Led by Shalini. Start point – Ambika Appalam store, North. Mada St., Mylapore. 75 mins. Free. No regn. needed. 75 mins.

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