Religious music, dance and kathakalakshepam will make this New Year’s morning procession in Chitrakulam zone

Silambam – Mylapore, the classical dance school that is run by Padma S. Raghavan is organising Margazhiyin Mahathvam on the first day of the new year.

” This event is celebrating the month of margazhi in the traditional way and we did it last year too,” says Padma.

Padma’s students will be singing and dancing in praise of the Lord and Andal, as they do the rounds of the mada veethis of Chitrakulam.

The start and finish point will be Sri Vedantha Desikar Temple. Starts at 6.45 a.m.

There is kathakalakshepam by Sasirekha B.,  singing  by two young girls and kolattam too.

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