‘Spirit of Mylapore’ award for 2023 goes to Madras Sanskrit College

The Madras Sanskrit College, Mylapore was chosen and given the annual Spirit of Mylapore award by Sundaram Finance, which has instituted the award and is given on the final day of the annual Mylapore Festival which the company supports wholly.

Arunasundaram, Principal in charge of the college received the award on the open air stage near Sri Kapali Temple on Sunday evening. It was handed over to him by the managing director of Sundaram Finance, Rajiv C. Lochan.

Justice Prabha Sridevan, member, Sri V. Krishnaswami Iyer Sanskrit Education Trust was among the dignitaries present on stage at the award function.

This college is a government-aided. It was founded by the eminent jurist and philanthropist V. Krishnaswamy Iyer in 1906. 

In 2017, the college  launched its digital campus to disseminate and teach Sanskrit through the online platform,

The commitment and excellence  of the teaching faculty whether direct or online can be gauged by the fact that today they have 300 students in the campus, while 10,000 people have registered for various online courses offered, says the college.

Some of the earlier recipients of  this awards have been Vijaya Stores, Rasi Silks, tennis legend Ramanathan Krishnan, P S Higher Secondary School, Dabba Chetty Shop and Prof R Ramachandran.

The award is given to a Mylapore person or institution which has a remarkable record to show.