Sri Kapali Temple: Hundial counting to be streamed live. Maha Sivarathri to be grand this year, says HR & CE minister

HR & CE minister  P. Sekar Babu told Mylapore Times on Monday evening that from the next occasion, the hundial counting at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple will be streamed live and devotees will be able to watch this.
“We are bringing about complete transparency in the temple processes, ” he said.

 On the issues relating to payments made by devotees for various poojas and special tickets, he said that the payment process is being streamlined. One will be able to make payments simply by scanning the  QR code. Online receipt too is handed out immediately.

He said the sthala puranam and all relevant information relating to Sri Kapali Temple will be available at the newly launched book stall.
On the plans for Maha Sivarathri celebrations here, the minister said that like last year it will be held this year too at the playground next to P S School and on a much grander scale.
He also said that walkie talkies will be given to the officials of Sri Kapali Temple to manage ground issues better and act faster.
– Report by S. Prabhu