How to better manage Shivarathri celebration at Sri Kapali Temple? Here is what some Mylaporeans said.

MYLAPORE TIMES asked, on its FaceBook page, suggestions on how the team at Sri Kapali Temple could better manage a festival like Shivarathri.

Here are a selection of the comments.

Manigandan Babu

Kindly arrange for vehicles parking, especially for cars. Otherwise, please block the 3 and 4-wheelers one kilometre from temple entrance.

Ramdas Naik

Nothing changes. The same chaos will happen. These festivals are a chance for hawkers to make an extra buck. They are there in every nook and corner. It’s a bit late for any remedial action. HR & CE should contract about 100 security guards to regulate the whole temple area during Shivarathri.

Abirami Thirumeni

People can be appointed to make the queue move faster so that all devotees have less waiting time.

Kranthi Kumar

Please remove hawkers in temple zone and make pavements free from illegal grabs.

Shrimathi Mohankumar

Flower vendors on the tank side temple entrance are occupying nearly half of the road, making it difficult even to walk. This may be streamlined.

Arun Raj Natarajan

Sri Kapali kovil officers should rent a private parking place nearby – the P. S. School ground for example – for parking. Make mada veethis free from cars during on special days.

Devaraj Dhandapani

Please don’t allow cars and heavy vehicles on Mada Streets for the festival.

Vijayalakshmi Sivakumar

In managing the crowd the authorities make a huge noise spoiling the divine atmosphere. Also, at most times the gurukkal as well the paid darshan people hide the straight view of lingam/ amman…Can they erect a structure that can give us all a good view?

Padmanabhan Sankaran

Advance booking (paid tickets) with specific time slots can be provided. The waiting time in the queue is long.

Karpagavalli Krishnamurthy

Please don’t allow devotees to throw plastic/ wrappers inside and outside the temple premises.

Saravanan Bhoopathy B

VIP darshan must not be allowed and better crowd management needed.

Bharathi Narasimhan

Stop motorists on Mada Streets. Mada Streets should be devoid of vehicles permanently – for people to enjoy Mylapore.

Sailaja Mahesh

Don’t allow VIPs and MLAs when they land up. Give time slot for everyone. Keep car park away from temple zone and use golf carts to pick up people, mainly seniors.

Lavanya Balaji

Crowd management near the garba-graha is not done properly. Pay attention to this.

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