New book: Melakarthas: The Gems of Carnatic Music – Part 2

Vidya Bhavani Suresh, Bharatanatyam dancer, musicologist and a long-time resident of Mylapore has released the second part of the book ‘Melakarthas – The Gems of Carnatic Music’. Skanda Publications is the publisher.

The first part of the series with 296 pages released in Feb. 2022 focussed on ragas 1 to 36.

Vidya is the author of multiple books on Indian classical dance and music. Three years ago, she says, she took upon herself to demystify the melakartha scheme of Carnatic music.

The new book has 304 pages and is a detailed work on ragas from 37 to 72.

For the benefit of readers, Vidya has linked each raga to a place and this has opened up new avenues to explore and has made the book  interesting.

Both the volumes have been edited by Harshitha Suresh, Vidya’s daughter and disciple.

Melakarthas – The Gems of Carnatic Music – Part 1 and 2  are on sale now.

Contacts – 22, Karpagam Apartments, Canal Bank Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600004. Ph: 95000 42296, 9841008499.

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