Traffic Police to regulate traffic in Sri Kapali Temple zone for Shivarathri

Traffic Police of Mylapore have taken note of suggestions made by Mylaporeans  and have decided not to allow four-heelers into North Mada Street from 4pm Saturday ahead of pradosham and the Maha Sivarathri celebrations.
Traffic Sub-Inspector Aljenish told Mylapore Times late on Friday evening that all four wheelers will be restricted entry both from Luz signal and Mandaveli Post Office on to R K Mutt Road from 4pm.
Also four wheelers will not be allowed entry from Saibaba Temple side after 4pm.
Also, no cars will be allowed into North Mada Street after 4pm on Saturday.
He said police personnel will be posted in good numbers from Saturday evening to manage traffic through the night.
However, 50 VIP cars will be allowed into P S School ground for the inauguration of the non stop 12-hour Maha Sivarathri event organised by the HR & CE Department.
– Report, photo: S. Prabhu
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