Kapali Panguni Utsavam 2023: Sripatham mestri Balaji all set with his 60 member team

Sripatham members play a pivotal role at the Panguni Utsavam of Sri Kapaleeswarar – they are the ones who carry the pancha moorthy idols in the vahana processions throughout the fest.

46 year old G. Balaji says he has been carrying Sri Kapaleeswarar during the Panguni utsavam right from his teens. Over the last 15 years he has graduated to the post of mestri, the leader of the Sripatham team.

He told Mylapore Times on Monday morning that his team of 60 members is all set for the vahana processions that start tomorrow ( Tuesday).

He has assigned each of the four corners of the palaquin (two in the front and two in the rear ) – referred to as ‘Naalu Moolai’ – to experienced hands such as Sankar, Saravanan, Karthik, Kapali and Kumar.

He said that he will rope an additional 60 people specifically for the Arubathumoovar procession.

All the members of his Sripatham team are from Mylapore with most of them being his ‘sishyas’, trained into the Sripatham by him.

  • Story and photo : S Prabhu

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