Nageswara Rao Park’s central tree lends itself to art installation by this trio

If Stella Maris’ small team of Fine Arts students rolled out their fabric to create an art installation for Art Fest 2023 last Sunday, three others created their own here, the previous day.

Revathy, Uma and Shivkumar teamed up to work on the trunk and root system of the giant tree that creates a circular space opposite the Chess Square, in the park which is maintained by Sundaram Finance.

Working on a brief, they plastered green paper on a side of the massive trunk, then used natural pigments to redden some of the large roots at its base and plonked some tree trunks at the base – these had been chopped after many trees crashed in last year’s monsoon.

The theme was simple – trees are also human; they bleed when you cut them down.

Shivkumar is also a civic campaigner. He promotes Karam Korpon Foundation – Stop Abusing Public Spaces ( SAPS). With funders, he and his team paint local theme visuals on walls that were once abused – with posters, scrawls or muck.

Shivkumar seeks out companies or clubs that can pay for the paints and brushes and gets his volunteers to paint – on walls of schools and campuses, bridges and playgrounds.

If you wish to volunteer or fund this NGO’s work, go to –

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