Chennai Metro: More areas are barricaded to extend work. In Alwarpet, R. A. Puram

A busy petrol station in R. A. Puram has suspended its operations two weeks ago to facilitate work by Chennai Metro.

This station is at the roundabout after ‘Jesus Calls’ campus and near the campus of MGR Janaki College for Women.

The tunnelling between this point will be made under the Adyar river to link Adyar with Mylapore as a part of this line of Phase 2 of Chennai Metro.

Also, the edge of the local neighbourhood, KVB Gardens, has been barricaded now over about 50 mts. Which means, vehicles have less space to slow-move because there are barricades on both sides. Expect slow movement and traffic jams at peak hour time.

The new barricade also shuts off at least 15/20 shops lining the east edge of KVB Gardens.

Elsewhere, on a section of Luz Church Road even pedestrians are now not allowed access in the area where M. Ct. M. School is located. Local residents have to access this place through the parallel road.

In the same area, the section on Musiri Road, alongside Waitrose store, has been barricaded. Expect intense work here in the weeks to follow; this is a Metro station zone.

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