“I alone decided that my dead son’s organs be harvested. I didn’t even consult my wife”

“I alone decided that my dead son’s organs be harvested. I didn’t even consult my wife”

These are the words of C. Gopalakrishnan, the father of Arulachalesh’s who was declared ‘ brain dead’ in a city hospital after he was badly hit in an accident and doctors trued to revive him over three days.

Here is the story we reported some days ago on what took place – https://www.mylaporetimes.com/2023/05/family-of-brain-dead-mylapore-youth-agree-to-docs-harvest-his-organs-five-people-benefit-from-this-gesture/

Gopalakrishnan who is in the air-conditioning service business and who recently shifted temporarily to Rajasekaran Street from their Abraham Street home says he was guided to make this decision based on what he had witnessed at hospitals. 

“When I was caring for my father and mother when they were hospitalised, I saw people in great need, even for blood.”

So when the doctor at SRMC hospital called him aside and told him his son was ‘brain dead’ and hinted at harvesting the organs, Gopalakrishnan says he did not even hesitate a minute.

“My son’s body would be wasted in hours so why couldn’t we save and donate the organs that would save others?”

On a special request, the hospital got the harvesting carried out in less than 24 hours; normally it can take as many as three days.

Gopalakrishnan has left the tragedy behind him and is back at work. But his wife is still grieving; she initiated self-help group activity in her backyard and gave tuitions. In shock, are Arunachalesh’s two sisters.

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