Rasikas at Bhavan’s drama fest enjoy snacks and air-conditioning comfort. First show housefull.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s main auditorium that can hold over 350 people was packed on Friday evening. It was the opening show of the Bhavan’s annual theatre festival of Thamizh plays.

But long before the curtains went up on the first play at 6.30 p.m. for a play by Satish Chandrasekaran called ‘ ‘Bakkkunu Pathikichi’ there was a queue in the foyer – as people lined up to pick up a plate of light snacks that the Bhavan freely shared with theatre rasikas.

Everybody in the queue tucked in gleefully, and later, the Bhavan kendra head, K N Ramaswamy announced that snacks would be given on all evenings of the fest, with puliyogare promised on Saturday evening when Dummies Drama stages its play.

Emcee and fest curator and theatre-person T V Varadharajen said that they decided not to hold plays on the finale days of the IPL matches and hence the gaps in the schedule ( here is the time table).

With the summer heat still stifling even as late as 6 p.m., sabha-hopping Mylaporeans are happy to snack and get a seat in Bhavan’s air-conditioned hall. All for free.

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