Temple procession badly delayed because donor arrives late and trustees look on

On Wednesday evening, the issue of lack of accountability of trustees of  a private temple to the larger section of devotees came to the fore.
The return trip of Sri Velleeswarar in the procession for the utsavam that is on at this temple on South Mada Street, Mylapore was scheduled for 6.30pm.  The Sripatham personnel, the nagaswaram and the music band had arrived by 6.30pm ready for the procession as had the devotees but there was no sign of the procession starting.
When Mylapore Times asked the maniyakaarar just after 7pm, he said they were waiting for the kattalaikaarar(donor) to arrive.
He said that they had sent a letter to the donor on the time he had to be present.
The trustees said that they were waiting for the kattalailaarar.
The procession finally started almost an hour late with the Sripatham personnel providing a delightful display of voyali in front of the people.
Would such a delay been permitted at a HRCE-managed temple like Sri Kapali Temple ? Not really. Because such delays would be questioned strongly.
While temple activists continue to pitch for HRCE of the state to be shunted out of temples, devotees also say that they must vocally raise issues about the disorderly conduct at private temples.
– Report by S. Prabhu 
– File photo of recent event at the temple used here