Mylapore Times Charitable Trust has, this far, supported over 50 students with funding

Mylapore Times Charitable Trust (MTCT) has, this past 10 days, supported 10 students from local area schools with funds that totalled Rs.86,000.

These funds will partially support their expenses on fees / books/ other needs.

A dozen applications are now being screened and support is needed for them too.

This far, 50-plus students have got funds from the Trust, a sum of close to Rs.5 lakhs being presented in varying amounts.

The funds have been raised through donations made by Mylaporeans and by Mylapore Times, which donates a sum from its profits of the recent financial year.

The Trust expects a few more students who will make contact once their college admission is confirmed. For this, donations from Mylaporeans will come in handy.

To donate, call Mylapore Times manager Shanthi at 24982244. Donations get tax exemption and can be made via bank transaction.

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