Marina Minnals, a runners group, celebrates 10 years

Marina Minnals, the local chapter of Chennai Runners celebrated its 10th year anniversary on Sunday, August 13. 

This group meets at the Light House on the Marina.

All the members of the group convened at a common start point in the early hours of Sunday and started jogging for 90 minutes. Spilt into 8 groups, these groups reconvened after 90 minutes and the group with the farthest distance travelled was marked the winner.

The ‘non-resident’ Minnals who were not in the city that day ran at their own locations and shared details of their experience. 

Way back on August 13, 2013, a group of runners from the Mylapore/Santhome area formally launched the Marina Minnals chapter of Chennai Runners.

This group currently includes runners of varying capacity, ranging from beginners to marathoners. A recent initiative, called the ‘Couch to 5 km Program’ has helped many beginners to start their fitness journey. Currently the group has close to 100 members from different professional and personal background, but with the same passion for running. 

The group meets thrice a week at the Light House zone, Marina around 5 a.m and has a structured running schedule that focuses on posture, speed and improving each runner’s capacity while making each member enjoy the run.

For further details, aspiring and existing runners can contact Mala Vijayakumar at 9841020080.

– Report by Subha V. Dilip

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