This Varalakshmi vritam at one apartment complex in R. A. Puram was a community celebration

The Mylapore Trio – Amarnath, Surendranath, Aparna – celebrated Varalakshmi Vritam at their apartment complex in R. A. Puram as  community festival on August 25.

The Sumukham Illam  – a multipurpose room – was colourfully decorated by the Trio, using silk-cotton zari woven sarees which were designed by Surendranath.

That evening, residents assembled at the Trio’s oonjal which has been set in the car park area. Goddess Varalakshmi was placed on oonjal and people took turns to sway  the oonjal while women sang theme songs.

Amarnath bedecked the goddess with jewellery. Surendranth decorated the goddess with handmade “Thazham poo jadai” and offered garlands and Aparna offered nei-vedhyam and performed deeparathanai.

Finally, the community enjoyed a sumptuous dinner hosted by the Trio. The traditional menu included akkaravadisal, puli sevai, aviyal, kal-dosai, thayir sadam and puli inji and karuvadaam.

The Mylapore Trio has been  performing these festivals at home all by themselves. They also conduct pooja workshops known as ‘Puja Vidhanam’.


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