Parur violin trio present ‘pradosham’ concert at Sri Kapali Temple

The skies above Sri Kapali Temple premises looked very welcoming on Wednesday evening for all those who enjoy a cool evening and the sign of rain.

It was pradosham evening and the dark clouds hanging above did not discourage all the regulars who are at the temple, on the dot for pradosham.

It began to drizzle and then rain, even as the procession inside the temple was on its final leg but many devotees carried on with the procession till the end.

Then, at 6.30 p.m. the pradosham concert began at the Navaratri mantapam.  On stage were three violinists – vidwan Parur M A Krishnaswamy with Parur M K Ananthalakshmi and Parur M K Anantha Balasubramaniam – all of one family.

Though the rain continued, lighter now, many people who attended the pradosham spent time at the concert.

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