Chennai Metro: section of hawkers at Luz Circle told to move out

Hawkers who ply their business on the western pavement of Royapettah High Road in Luz Circle zone have been asked to vacate by Chennai Metro authorities as barricading and preliminary work has begun.

Though they have not cleared their hawker stalls, they now have no way of doing business.

This morning, a group of these hawkers presented a plea in writing to the local area councillor, Saraswathi of the CPI ( M) party, seeking from the civic body, an alternate space to carry on their business.

For now, hawkers on the other sidewalks continue to do business. But they are aware that the ones on the Nehru News Mart and Sukha Nivas restaurant side will also have to move out.

One Comment on “Chennai Metro: section of hawkers at Luz Circle told to move out”

  1. This is very good news. Under no circumstances should these hawkers be encouraged to return. Footpaths are provided for residents to walk safely and not for hawkers to ply their illegal trade. Luz Church Road and surrounds are in desperate need of a facelift and getting rid of the hawkers is a necessary first step. Once the metro work is complete, commuters will need to use the footpaths and we must not cede this space to hawkers.

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