Councillor requested to relay floor of indoor badminton court in Karpagam Avenue

A team of private sports promoters who manage the indoor badminton court of Chennai Corporation in Karpagam Avenue in R A Puram zone has requested the local area councillor to arrange for funds to relay the floor of the court and upgrade the lighting.

Recently, this group which had invited Geetha Murali, the councillor of ward  171 to the finale of a tourney for people who play at this court, presented their plea and the councillor has promised to see how funds from the councillor’s funds may be deployed for this purpose.

The indoor court that had been lying unused for many months was taken charge of by a private entity which has to pay GCC a monthly fee for its use.

School children are trained free here while residents of the area and around may use the courts by paying a fee. Trained coaches are available.

Nirmal, who heads the body that manages the sport here says the floor must be relaid if there is to be smooth play.

He also says better lighting will make the courts a good place to play the game.

Incidentally, this very place was under repairs in mid 2019. It was said to have been managed privately once repairs were undertaken but then abandoned and was a locked place.

Here is a report dated Aug.5, 2019.

The Chennai Corporation ward 173’s indoor Badminton stadium at Karpagam Avenue, R.A.Puram is under renovation after many months now.

The residents say the stadium could not be used for the past two years as it remained locked following the collapse of the ceiling. Now, wooden barricades have been put around this building and repair works are on since a few days.

Veera Raghavan, the AE of ward 173 says, “The stadium which spans approximately 800 sq m is being renovated by a private agency who has taken it up as a contract.”