GCC commissioner’s flying visit helps Jeth Nagar get rid of dump yard along MRTS station

Jeth Nagar residents who care for the local civic environment are glad that the commissioner of Chennai Corporation responded to media reports on the mess that was growing on the fringe of this colony.

GCC Commissioner J. Radhakrishnan landed up outside the Mandaveli MRTS rail station on Thursday to understand the civic problem that was bugging this area – a large parcel of land that technically belongs to the Railways, alongside the station’s entry and exist gates which was now becoming a garbage dump in the heart of a busy area.

Tailing the officer were civic body staff who quickly got to work – to cart away the garbage and crudely level the area which is on Sringeri Mutt Road.

Local area councillor Amirda Varshini was also present.

Jeth Nagar activists had had to push the Railways to barricade the area to prevent encroachment or it turning into everybody’s dump. Later, the city’s civic body was keen to ‘use’ this area and got the permission to do so – GCC set up a waste storage unit and a vegetable waste recycling unit.

The recycling unit had staff who treated vegetables waste from local shops and godowns and sold the manure for cheap prices.

Months ago, the unit caught fire and collapsed and subsequently, the recycling unit also shut down. The area turned into a dump.

Now Jeth Nagar activists will have to come up with some simple, creative ways to either green the area or make sure Railways not only barricades it but protects it.

Photo courtesy: Amirda Varshini

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  1. It is good to see GCC commissioner visiting areas in Mandaveli and taking corrective actions. However, whenever he makes such a visit, all rusted vehicles from St Mary’s road and workshop’s there are moved to inner streets creating a nuisance. Can someone look into this and ensure such nuisance are avoided. Thanks

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