Chennai Metro; large-scale traffic diversions to be effected this weekend

Major, multiple traffic movement changes in the Mylapore region’s streets and roads will come into effect this Sunday, December3.

These changes are being made to facilitate major works of Chennai Metro, which is building two rail lines in Phase 2 of the project that will serve this zone – one that runs east – west and one that runs north – south.

Areas of R H Road, Luz, Mylapore, Abiramapuram, R A Puram, Mandaveli and Alwarpet will see traffic movement diversion changes soon.

On Friday evening, an official of Chennai Metro and local area police officials met a  a private petrol bunk in Mandaveli to share details of the changes that will follow and listen to issues presented by a few civic-minded Mylaporeans.

Said Baskar Seshadri who attended this meet, “We told the officials that diverting buses and vans into narrow and busy streets like Thiruvengadam Street and Venkatesa Agraharam was not a wise move.”

“We said that life would be affected locally when a huge volume of vehicles were made to take narrow and busy areas of Mylapore zone,” added Baskar. ” Imagine the pressures in school and temples zones when buses will start using them.”

Chennai Metro officials have said that they will study the effect of the changes and promised further changes based on feedback.



3 Comments on “Chennai Metro; large-scale traffic diversions to be effected this weekend”

  1. When bigger Vehicles like PTC Buses cannot move freely in narrow Streets consequent to Metro work, smaller vehicles like Vans, Autos can be deployed in connecting public transport vehicles like Buses, & School buses at their stationed point in a convenient location.

  2. To Traffic Dept / Metro Rail / Chennai Corporation etc
    1. Its Good to see signboards are there, But instead of covering the sign boards until it is communicated to residents and implemented, the sign boards should be covered or not placed. For the last 1 week, there is a “No entry” sign board into Luz Avenue from Luz church road (Amrutanjan). The residents of Abhirampuram, Ranga road, RA puram still use this route both ways ignoring it as it is not official implemented. Those new to this road/area, will assume this is already implemented and may drive thinking its one way which may lead to accidents.
    2. Also, as the residents are going to suffer for 3 years with vehicle pollution in their residential area, they are also going to suffer with sound pollution of vehicles and horns. Hence, ensure the vehicles with smoke or high decibel horns are strictly fined or not allowed in this route. “No horn road” sign boards should be kept in all road with residential houses.
    3. Ensure that the nearby streets are not used by non residents for parking

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