Chennai Metro; traffic diversions on anvil: Mylaporeans raise key issues

Here are some key issues raised by citizens about proposed traffic movement changes proposed by Chennai Metro in Mylapore zone which will roll out soon –

The issues were raised at a public meet held this evening in Mandaveli.

  • Serious concern raised about the problems that would be faced by P S Senior School students commuting to school – they already face issues now.
  • R K Nagar residents were concerned about the use of Thiruvengadam Street for bus ride route. Their main concern being the S bend at Manasa Apartment corner and location of a play school there, the road width being pretty narrow and low lying which was waterlogged completely today after the rains . How would such a road be able to handle heavy bus traffic?
  • Mandaveli Street being used for bus traffic from the R K Mutt Road diversion plan was questioned since this is a very busy market / shopping zone and street is narrow.
  • -Why is Greenways Road and Kamarajar Salai not being used efficiently in the diversion plan?

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  1. B.S.S.Hospital near the the Mandavali junction caters to mainly Cardiac Patients.In Heart attack every second counts for the patients. If there is delay in patients coming to the hospital due to the diversion it will cause great hardship to the patients. So this must be kept in mind before finalizing the diversion s

  2. Metro train scheme from Luz upto Music college jn on Greenways Road.Mandaveli and Mylopore are old part of the city.Roads are narrow.The disadvantage will overweigh the advantages considering the huge amount involved and feel penetration.

  3. What about people coming to our clinic situated opposite to the new RA.Puram Post Office , in R.K. Mutt Road, in the stretch of one-way between Mandaveli Market and bus depot., Drs. B.Biswakumar & Priya Chandrasekhar. Can they take a right turn into our road from St. Mary’s road? Will our road still remain a one-way street and , if so, to what avail? As it is nobody bothers about the No Entry into our road from the bus depot!

  4. Hello, if road from adayar to RK mutt road going to be one way then open venkatakrishna road and no rt or left turn on RK mutt road junction i.e bss hospital corner. At least they go straight and devanathan road will ease traffic .

  5. Better to make Luz to Royapettah high road permanently one way. In fact it can be from Mylapore tank itself. Pedestrians especially senior citizens are not able to cross the roads without help

  6. I had pointed out the traffic regulation inefficiency at Music college junction 2 days back.

    We need more traffic wardens along RK mutt road at junctions like St Luke’s church Rani meyammi school and Srinivasapuram road which lead into RK mutt road

    Ravi Nandyala

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