In Jeth Nagar, discharge by transformers is common during monsoon. TANGEDCO yet to replace old

Civic-activists of Jeth Nagar in Mandaveli say that all the TANGEDCO transformers discharge during monsoon season and that this badly affects the power supply to the local area.

They say this issue has been raised with the local area engineer as when as TANGEDCO’s Head but very little has been done save for fixing issues for the moment.

Residents say the power transformers have become outdated. They have been serviced and maintenance conducted many times but a slight drizzle is enough to set them off in a series of discharge with heavy and continuous sparking which can potentially cause fire to the houses nearby, said Ravi Nandyala.

On Tuesday, as the rain got steady, three transformers discharged in a row

Said Ravi, “We have requested TANGEDCO  for these transformers to be changed to RMUs but we have not heard back from them.”

The other issue that affects the local community is that whenever power goes off and comes back, one phase does not return and since that is the phase connected to the common amenities like lift and motor in many apartments, many people, especially sick and seniors get affected.


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