Mylapore NGO delights civic workers in local wards at festival time

The NGO, Viswajayam Foundation (founded by Sekar, a resident of Kumaravijayam Flats, Mylapore) distributed 400 Deepavali sweets boxes to Urbaser Sumeet conservancy workers across five civic wards in and around Mylapore.

Each worker received 1/4kg dry fruit punch.  The NGO spent about ₹83,000 for this.

Viswajayam Foundation was  started in 2013 to provide free housekeeping and sanitation services at the Govt Royapettah Hospital cancer block (all floors), and at The Institute of Child Health (cancer wards).

In addition to the housekeeping services at hospitals, Viswajayam Foundation has been providing and continues to provide free and tasty lunch to about 500 people at  Govt Royapettah Hospital and Egmore Children’s Hospital.

Over the past 918 days, Viswajayam has served over 4,00,000 meals, said a member who is part of the NGO’s core team.

The Foundation has also been providing educational scholarships to students and medical treatment support to the needy as well.

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  1. Self help is the best help. Chennai City is a Metropolis with nearly 2 Crore population. Very glad to hear Viswajayam has entrusted itself with humane services in the form of honouring the Conservancy staff in Certain blocks and also continue their good work of feeding the Govt hospitals inmates with quality food for a long time. My sincere wish is , for this culture to spread across all the Zones of Chennai Corporation more NGOs need to come forward and help as many needy people as possible and with voluntary contribution from more and more residents, as we see increase in the number of people begging in Streets, and to keep our City Clean and look great as we approach Christmas, New Year, and Marghazhi as celebration time around Chennai

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