This group of senior women cheered for India on the Metro

The senior women residents of Ragamalika Apartments in Mandaveli amuse themselves with a variety of activities, some in campus and some outside and around the city.

Last weekend, a group of 17 of them boarded local trains, starting from Mandaveli, took the Metro to the airport and shared their joy of India playing the final of the ICC World Cup. Some held up little placards, others had some snappy slogans to sing-along and they shared the joy with co-commuters on the Metro.

They then retired to a city club in Luz to sit for a hearty lunch.

“We have regular activities on campus,” says Kalyani Muralidharan, a member. “We make it a point to meet and chat every evening in the hall or in the open.”

Ragamalika Apartments is a large community – 250 plus apartments and a community of over 1000 people. Senior women’s group has about 35 members.

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