TV Varadharajen presents ‘LKG Aasai’ play at Kalyana Nagar Association. Open to all.

The latest play by theatreperson T V Varadharajen, titled ‘LKG Aasai’  in Thamizh will be staged at Kalyana Nagar Association, Mandavelipakkam, on Saturday, November 25 at 6.30 pm\
Written and directed by Vedham Puththithu Kannan , ‘LKG Aasai’ is presented by Varadharajen and his United Visuals Team of artistes.
This play deals with parental pressure on present day children in education and sports.  Says Varadharajen, “What the parents missed out in their lives, they make their children to accomplish now without sparing thought for the children and what they would love to do.”
The play is open to all and admission is free, first come first serve.