December Season: sampling breakfast at MFAC canteen

Foodie and Thiruvengadam Street resident Mohan Gopalakrishnan set off early to sample the food at the canteens that sabhas are setting up for this December Season.

He says he made his first stop this Friday morning at Mylapore Fine Arts Club (MFAC), at its canteen managed by Sastha Catering.

The canteen was launched on Thursday evening even as the sabha’s fest got underway with the awards event.

Mohan tucked in pongal and Ashoka halwa and says “the first ball was a loosener as it always is.” Which meant that the fare was so-so this morning and he expects it to get better this weekend as the cooks settle down.

He says Sastha is catering at MFAC and at The Music Academy this Season.

  • Photo: Mohan Gopalakrishnan

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