Sriman Srinivasan Road, Alwarpet is now ‘one way’ for traffic

Sriman Srinivasan Road, Alwarpet, near Narada Gana Sabha off TTK Road, has been made ‘one way’ for reasons not known to local residents. Vehicles can enter this road only from TTK Road side.
The residents of Sriman Srinivasan Road who take the Kasturi Rangan Road side from the Music Academy side are now made to circumvent,  go to the next parallel Ambujammal Street to reach TTK Road, reverse and enter from there.
A high class gym at the junction on this road has a strong valet team that gets hundreds of their vehicles parked all along Sriman Srinivasan Road, on both the sides, creating headaches for the local residents’ vehicles.
The road has also been made ‘one side parking’.
Residents here strongly feel that this arrangement is to facilitate this gym’s parking and to pacify the  residents who have given countless complaints to local police.