St. Isabel’s Hospital sets up 128-slice CT scan unit

A new 128-slice CT scan unit was dedicated and launched at St. Isabel’s Hospital, Mylapore on December 1.

The guest wasR ev. Fr. G.J. Anthonyswamy, parish priest of Our Lady of Light Church, Luz  in the presence of Rev. Sr. Fatima Dias, executive director, Dr. Stephen Mathew, COO, Rev. Sr. Philomena Joseph, medical superintendent, Dr. Mohammed Raphy, medical administrator, nuns of the congregation that manage this place and senior doctors.

This CT from GE is assisted by AI technology and delivers high resolution in a short time enabling faster decision making in emergency and acute care settings.

Sr. Fatima said that this new service for patients at St. Isabel’s Hospital is testimony to the commitment of the hospital to its founding mission of doing good where there is good to be done.