This margazhi procession – of dance, music, kummi and katha kalakshepam – is on Dec.31. Around the Chitrakulam.

This is a margazhi month bhajana sampradaya procession with a difference.
The participants not only sing but also dance to the songs of Andal’s pasurams.
Padma S. Raghavan, the artistic director of the Bharatanatyam dance school, Silambam Mylapore, is curating this event this year – to be held on Sunday,  December 31, starting 7 am.
This year the event is themed on ‘The Dream of Andal’ – Varanamayiram – enacting the wedding of Andal.
Teens and adults will be seen dancing in the Bharatanatyam style and also performing kummi and kolattam as the procession moves on – they will also be singing bhajans along the way.
Artiste Sasirekha will present a katha kalakshepam themed on Andal.
The procession follows the route taken by the deities of SVDD  Temple and Adi Kesava Perumal Temple, around the Chitrakulam streets of Mylapore.
– File photo of a previous procession used here