Cribs made by ten families win prizes in Mylapore Times Crib Contest

One crib created at Christmastime and entered in the Mylapore Times Crib Contest stood out.

That of Dr. V. D. G. Chandran and Sashikala of San Thome.

It was themed on the ongoing war in Gaza and around the models of the birth of Jesus, which is what a crib symbolises were scenes showing soldiers of Israel and militants of Hamas fighting each other in a swathe of destruction and blood.

Many of the other prize-winning cribs had a creative touch to them. One team created a mid-East-like geography to set the crib, another team created a snow situation and a third had running
water around the crib.

One team made good use of models of animals to create farms around the barn where Jesus was said to have been born. Many used simple but stark illumination for the cribs and some, despite the limited space at their homes, managed to fit the crib in that space.

Photos; 1st is the crib by Smitha and 2nd photo is the crib by Bernard

Here are the winners –
P. BERNARD & Family / San Thome;
INFANCIA MERITA / S. PETER’s Family /St. Lazarus Church zone;
SAROJA at SEBASTIAN’s house / San Thome:
VINOTH / Mandavelipakkam;
SHERLY J. MARY’s Family St. Lazarus Church zone:

V. PAULRAJ / St. Lazarus Church zone:
SMITHA at A M THOMAS’ Family / Mandaveli;
S. THIRIBIEUSRAJ / St. Lazarus Church zone:
AMALRAJ S./ Mylapore.

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