Sri Kapali Temple teppam: people gather in hundreds on tank steps to participate. Today is final

A few hundred people have made time to sit on the steps of the tank of Sri Kapali Temple to take part in the teppam held by the temple in connection with thai poosam the past two days.

On Day One, Jan.25. the deities of Kapaleeswarar and ambal were beautifully decorated and taken out in procession from the temple to the tank, on its west side and placed in the teppam.

The teppam was taken on three rounds around the tank.

On January 26, Friday, it was the turn of Singaravelar and his consorts to be decorated and taken out in procession and then placed in the teppam;  five rounds in the water.

On Saturday, Singaravelar and his consorts will again be taken in the teppam around the tank – seven rounds.

Access to the tank is best on the east and west side.